Angular Conference 2019
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Shmuela Jacobs

Shmuela Jacobs

Reactive Powered: RxJS with Angular Forms

Angular’s Reactive Forms module gives us a lot of control and flexibility to easily build and define our forms. While looking at async data and form lifecycle events as streams, we can leverage the power of RxJS to react to these events. Presenting a non-trivial custom form control, Shmuela will show how she uses Observables when creating the form, reacting to value and state changes, and validating the input.

Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft | Israel

Shmuela Jacobs is a front-end developer and consultant mastering Angular. During her academic studies (M.Sc. in Information Management Engineering and B.Sc. in Physics) she has combined her passions of coding and teaching as a software developer, teaching assistant, science museum guide, and researcher. Today she continues to enjoy these activities as a full-time developer, sharing her knowledge and experience in meetups and conferences around the world.

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